We power Subscription Marketing for Chatbots

  • Providing valuable signals on user interests and intent, building deeper engagement
  • Grow a younger demographic
  • Provide an option for your inactive email subscribers

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It’s private 2 way communication between your brand and your consumer.

You can still send your daily/weekly updates to this audience, but now they can ask questions with responses automatically from your website.

Target a younger demographic that does not use email 16-25 year olds

More engagement since user has more control, resulting in a less cluttered environment than email, hence more engagement.

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Powered by personic

Not in your inbox but in your chatbox- Personic is a new medium, and now we are providing you health guides in your chat box.


PERSONIC is a great source to build bots for facebook messenger.


Personic because bots have brought a new revolution to the marketing world.